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Message from the head

Welcome to Kew College Prep

I extend a very sincere welcome to Kew College Prep. I have had the pleasure of joining Kew College Prep this year as Head and I am delighted to have taken over the helm of this wonderful school.

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Our valued children

What better way to learn about our school than through our children's own words? They will tell you how truly wonderful school life is at Kew College Prep.
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Why choose Kew College Prep?

At Kew College Prep, we firmly believe in unlocking every child’s potential. Their individual talents and amazing qualities are recognised and developed and by the time they leave us at the end of Year 6 they have a firm sense of their own strengths.
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Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Curriculum underpins everything we do at Kew College Prep. We work as a team to ensure all children are listened to and feel valued. The strong sense of community at our school is enhanced by our governors and parents, all of whom are fully committed to the school’s ethos and values, and work tirelessly on its behalf.

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Kew College Prep ‘Together’

The children loved exploring the Wonderlab at the Science Museum! 🧪 🧬 
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Nursery children tasting and learning about exotic fruit. Which ones do you think they liked best? 🍍🥥🍈

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Year 5 Tower Bridge Trip

Nov 21, 2022

In science, Year 5 have been learning about forces and how they interact with us in our everyday lives. Visiting Tower Bridge, in London, was the perfect opportunity to explore forces more and see them in action. The children thoroughly enjoyed heading on the tube to start our adventure and... Read more

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Year 1 Trip to Pizza Express

Nov 9, 2022

On a lovely autumn morning, Year 1 set off to Kew Village to make pizzas. We were warmly greeted by the staff at the restaurant. It was then off to wash our hands and with aprons and hats, a few on askew, we were ready to begin. After spreading the... Read more

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Kew’s Got Talent

Oct 14, 2022

This afternoon Year 5 hosted the annual ‘Kew’s Got Talent’. Our judging panel was made up of experts from different fields; Mrs Bond, Mrs Tabor, Mr Roy, and Ms Morgan all gave their feedback on the individual performances during the show. We had a huge variety of dancers: Emily, Florrie,... Read more

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Harvest Festival

Oct 13, 2022

Each year at Kew College Prep, we show how grateful we are for the fortunate circumstances surrounding us with Harvest donations to a local charity. This year, we supported Richmond Food Bank who were incredibly grateful and humbled by such generosity. Paul Beadle was warmly received by both the Junior... Read more

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Year 4 Trip to Butser Farm

Oct 11, 2022

Year 4 enjoyed an unforgettable experience at Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire. We were able to dive into the experience of living like an Anglo-Saxon. We enjoyed chalk carving which we have as a keepsake. We enjoyed getting our hands dirty, excavating Anglo-Saxon artefacts. We learnt how to do some... Read more

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