Students playing with their tricycles

Our Nursery School

Your child’s first experiences of school can shape their entire education and life beyond. It’s a huge responsibility – but while we take it incredibly seriously, we never let that get in the way of the children’s enjoyment!

Every day in Nursery is different, full of exciting new challenges, games and directed activities. Our Nursery offers a stimulating and vibrant environment where children learn primarily through play. Daily activities include specialist-taught music, movement, library time, ICT, French, dance and cooking as well as a traditional introduction to phonics and number work. We also enjoy getting our hands dirty and children benefit from a host of wonderfully messy art activities, helping them to learn and explore new information with their senses.

Overall, ours is a happy, inclusive school, where children naturally absorb the principles of friendship, caring for and respecting each other, working together and accepting that everyone is different. It is something you’ll see throughout Kew College Prep – and what makes us truly special. We want to give our children the best possible start in life so they can reach their full potential.

From September 2023, our children will benefit from all day nursery options, a refurbished space and wraparound care.

       Children reading books