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Destination Schools

We are delighted to share with you the exceptional results from our Year 6 pupils’ entrance exams to secondary schools. We are so very proud of our pupils who have excelled in every possible way.

Our 2022-2023 Year 6 pupils received offers from 28 selective independent and grammar schools and various state schools.

92% of pupils (who made multiple applications) received offers from 2 or more schools and 51% received offers from 4 or more schools.

Of the boys who applied, 76% received an offer from Hampton, 25% from KCS Wimbledon and 70% from St. Paul’s.

Of the boys who applied, 78% received one or more offers from Hampton School, King’s College School in Wimbledon or St. Paul’s.

Of the girls who applied, 50% received an offer from Lady Eleanor Holles, and 67% from St. Paul’s Girls’ School.

Of the girls who applied, 44% received one or more offers from Lady Eleanor Holles, St. Paul’s Girls’ School or Godolphin & Latymer School.

Many of our pupils also received offers from numerous co-educational schools including Latymer Upper School, Kingston Grammar School, Ibstock Place School, Kew House, Radnor House and Emanuel School.

Over the past three academic years, our pupils have received an outstanding total of 82 scholarship offers, 55 of which were academic scholarships. Others include music, dance and sports amongst others.


2022-3 – 14 academic and 13 other

2021-2 – 11 academic and 6 other

2020-1 – 38 scholarships (total)

Senior School Entrance Exam Results 2022-23

School Offers Scholarships
City of London School 1
City of London Girl’s School 1
Emanuel School 3 1 Academic
Goldolphin & Latymer School 3
Hampton School 13 4 Academic, 1 Music
Harrodian School 3
Ibstock Place School 18 2 Academic, 2 Awards
Kew House School 13 1 Drama
King’s College School, Wimbledon 2 1 Academic
Kingston Grammar School 16 1 Academic, 1 Music
Lady Eleanor Holles School 3 1 Academic, 1 Music
Latymer Upper School 10 2 Music
Notting Hill and Ealing High School 9 1 Academic, 1 Music
Putney High School 3
Radnor House/Kneller Hall 9
Reed’s School 1
St Benedict’s School 2 1 Academic
St James Senior Boys’ School 1
St John’s Leatherhead 1
St Paul’s Girls’ School 2 1 Academic, 1 Music
St Paul’s School (Boys) 7 1 Music
Surbiton High School 4 1 Dance
UCS Hampstead 1
Westminster 2 1 Music
Wimbledon High School 1
Other 1 1 Academic
Maintained Schools
Christ’s School 1
Chiswick Community School 1
The Green School for Boys 1
The Tiffin Girls’ School 2
Tiffin School (Boys) 7
Waldegrave School 1