student doing the long jump

Junior House

In the Junior House (Years 3-6), our children receive a rigorous yet rounded education. The curriculum is designed to provide them with opportunities to create, connect and collaborate both within and beyond the classroom. Children are encouraged to ask questions, take risks and think creatively. Technology is used to enhance learning across all subject areas, and sports and arts feature prominently in school life.

The Junior House is also the springboard for our unique 11+ programme. From Year 5 onwards, each child is provided with a tailored learning plan. They receive specialist Maths, English and Reasoning courses and are securely guided in their journey towards the 11+ entrance exams, as well as life beyond Kew College Prep.

This Term's Curriculum

To find out more about what children are learning in Years 3-6 this term, please see the documents below:

Year 3 Curriculum Overview: Spring 2024

Year 4 Curriculum Overview: Spring 2024

Year 5 Curriculum Overview: Spring 2024

Year 6 Curriculum Overview: Spring 2024