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Our new Eco Warriors

18th September 2023

Our new Eco Warriors have come to save the day! Introducing the amazing crew of environmental advocates, proudly holding our award-winning 2023 Green Flag Award.... Read article

Year 6 Bushcraft Residential Trip

15th September 2023

On Thursday 7th September, Year 6 set off from Kew College Prep in the glorious sunshine to spend two days in Blenheim Woods, Oxfordshire, for... Read article

students in the summer play

Year 6 Summer Play: ‘Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang’

7th July 2023

On Thursday 6th July, Year 6 treated us all to a spectacular performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, an adapted version of the well-loved story,... Read article

Humpty Dumpty: Was he pushed or did he fall?

30th June 2023

Year 2 wowed their parents as they performed Humpty Dumpty: Was he pushed or did he fall? The children sung beautifully, delivered their lines confidently... Read article

The Wizard of Oz

30th June 2023

The children of Year 4 dazzled their audience as they took to the big stage to present their rendition of The Wizard of Oz. With... Read article

The Gingerbread Children

30th June 2023

Kindergarten presented the summer play titled “The Gingerbread Children” which showcased sweet voices singing in harmony, graceful choreographies and fearless self-expression . The young performers’... Read article

Pupil-led Charity Fundraiser

23rd June 2023

It was a delight to witness the last pupil-led charity event of the academic year today, hosted by budding entrepreneurs Ayla and Isabella (Year 5).... Read article

Kindergarten Explores the Wonders of Nature at Kew Gardens

23rd June 2023

Kindergarten recently embarked on an enchanting journey to Kew Gardens. This educational trip provided a sensorial experience, allowing the young learners to engage their senses... Read article

Year 5 Rocket Challenge

22nd June 2023

This was the first time Kew College Prep attended the yearly Rocket Challenge competition hosted by NPL and we will be returning! The two teams... Read article

Year 1 Outing to Gunnersbury Park Museum

19th June 2023

What a lovely start to the week! The Year 1 children boarded the coach to take them to Gunnersbury Park Museum for the day on... Read article