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Welcome to Kew College Prep

Welcome to Kew College Prep.  We believe our school offers children the best possible start in life, fostering skills and attitudes that will stay with them long after they’ve left us. We value every student and are proud to be part of their lives.


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Our valued children

What better way to learn about our school than through our children's own words? They will tell you how truly wonderful school life is at Kew College Prep.
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Why choose Kew College Prep?

At Kew College Prep, we firmly believe in unlocking every child’s potential. Their individual talents and amazing qualities are recognised and developed and by the time they leave us at the end of Year 6 they have a firm sense of their own strengths.
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Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Curriculum underpins everything we do at Kew College Prep. We work as a team to ensure all children are listened to and feel valued. The strong sense of community at our school is enhanced by our governors and parents, all of whom are fully committed to the school’s ethos and values, and work tirelessly on its behalf.

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Kew College Prep ‘Together’

A bottle perfume was sent to Space by one of our Dads!

Nov 29, 2023

The Infant House were delighted to have a wonderful assembly by Evren’s (Reception Blue) dad, Mr Grey. Mr Grey spoke about his career in the aerospace industry and told the children all about how he sends items to space. Recently, he sent a bottle of perfume up to space in... Read article

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Tower Bridge Trip

Nov 27, 2023

Year 5 recently went on a trip to Tower Bridge to learn all about the forces at play and how the bridge was raised. It was a great opportunity to travel by public transport and the children enjoyed becoming engineers for the day applying their scientific knowledge. They designed some... Read article

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SPEAR Charity Funraiser

Nov 20, 2023

Year 4 are a charity triumph again! Alexa, Alexandra and Hattie kick-started the week with a sugar fix, selling lovely baked goodies for charity. The group worked tirelessly to make as much money as possible for this wonderful cause and it was supported by our Y6 charity leaders (Clara and... Read article

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Y4 & Y5 Architecture Workshops

Nov 17, 2023

Who knew you could learn so much and have so much fun with just a few (hundred) rubber bands and plenty of bamboo? On Wednesday 15th November, Year 4 and Year 5 each took part in their own fascinating workshops in the Sedum to do just that! Hosted by Architecture... Read article

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Year 1 Trip to Kew Botanical Gardens

Nov 15, 2023

On a lovely sunny Wednesday, The Year 1 children walked sensibly and excitedly to Kew Botanical Gardens. Once they arrived, they had a quick toilet break before beginning their science workshop. They transformed into ‘Kew meteorologists’ and became experts on understanding how to measure weather, describe different weathers and identify... Read article

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