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Primary Maths Challenge Bonus Round

Posted: 6th February 2024

Twenty-two children from Years 5 and 6 took part in this year’s PMC Bonus Round. Faced with some very tricky questions, pupils rose to the challenge and, once again, scored very well. Our final results were: 6 children achieved at least 20 marks and will receive a silver certificate; 8 children achieved at least 17 marks and will receive a bronze certificate.

Certificate winners are:

Silver – William, Vittoria, Ching Mae, Priya, Sophie, Harri

Bronze – Sebastian, Tom, Theo, Alana, Chloe, Aadam, Zachary, Armaan.

Here’s an example question from this year’s paper which you may like to try at home!

Aimee, Henry and Will have different weights. They have a bouncy castle which has a hole in it. When Aimee and Henry bounce on it together, it takes 10 minutes to deflate.

When Henry and Will bounce on it together, it takes 12 minutes to deflate.

When Will and Aimee bounce on it together, it takes 15 minutes to deflate.

How many minutes does it take to deflate if all three bounce on it together?

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