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Y4 & Y5 Architecture Workshops

Posted: 17th November 2023

Who knew you could learn so much and have so much fun with just a few (hundred) rubber bands and plenty of bamboo?
On Wednesday 15th November, Year 4 and Year 5 each took part in their own fascinating workshops in the Sedum to do just that! Hosted by Architecture Workshops an outside educational group, Year 4 focused on their current humanities unit of the Windrush and were taken on an adventure to build HMT Empire Windrush. Learning about 2D and 3D shapes such as triangles and pyramids, the children worked in groups to construct each part of the famous ship that carried hundreds of migrants from the West Indies to Great Britian in 1948.

Similarly, Year 5 were invited to build their own bridges, using bamboo sticks and elastic bands. Working in groups of five, they created triangular based pyramids before joining them together to make triangular prisms. Finally, adding the legs to create a solid bridge structure that could stand. The workshop certainly inspired several of them to find out more about architecture as a possible career!

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