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Visit from a real-life explorer- Jamie Anderson

Posted: 10th November 2023

Year 2 were very excited to have a visit from Jamie Anderson, a real-life explorer! Jamie’s love of everything polar led him onto leading expeditions across the Arctic. He travelled south on the RRS Sir David Attenborough for her maiden voyage to Antarctica as part of the ship’s ice trials team.

Jamie showed the children where the Arctic and Antarctic are located and discussed the differences between them. He shared interesting facts and anecdotes about the magnificent wildlife found in these regions. We learnt that the albatross is the biggest bird on the planet and might not land for a whole year!

Jamie showed us a photo of his guard dog that he takes on expeditions to guard the tent at night and scare away polar bears. The children got a good look in Jamie’s bag of survival objects including a pickaxe, crampons, a rope, packs of dried food, a shovel, gas stove and a first aid bag to name a few.

The children listened amazingly well and asked some very interesting questions. We think we may have a team of budding explorers in Year 2!

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