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Year 1 Outing to Gunnersbury Park Museum

Posted: 19th June 2023

What a lovely start to the week! The Year 1 children boarded the coach to take them to Gunnersbury Park Museum for the day on Monday. When we arrived, a staff member informed us that the museum had originally been a family home for the Rothschilds. In the Toys and Games workshop, we learnt about the different toys that Victorian children played with and discussed what materials they were made from. We played with spinning tops, yo-yos and a cup and ball. As our tummies started to rubble, we headed outside to have our lunch in the lovely sunshine. Shortly after, we started our next workshop and visited a Victorian Kitchen. We were introduced to a Victorian maid who quickly instructed us to dress in aprons, mob caps and waistcoats.  We scrubbed floors, beat carpets, ironed and washed clothing and even pounded sugar and spices with a pestle and mortar. The maids were shocked to hear of modern machines such as tumble driers and microwaves! The children learnt what busy lives the Rothschild family and their household must have had and how hard they had to work!

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