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Year 1 Visit St Anne’s Church

Posted: 22nd March 2023

The Year 1 children were excited to spot some beautiful daffodils outside St Anne’s Church on Monday morning. When we arrived at the Church we had a quick snack before starting our activities inside.

We walked around the church and learnt about the different features. The children were quick to identify the pew, the font, the stained glass windows and the altar. We also had a go at making some observational drawings of the stained glass windows and tried to figure out what stories they might have told.

After completing the activities, Father Giles had us seated on the pews where we had a Q and A session. He was impressed with the children’s general knowledge about Christianity. He asked the children if they knew what the font was used for. Anvi said ‘It is used to baptise babies and it has holy water inside’. Charlie also impressed Fr Giles by explaining that ‘the chalice that holds the bread and wine is Christ’s body and blood’. This prompted Fr Giles to show us the wine and bread that is offered at church.

We then thanked Fr Giles for his session and had a short walk back to school.  We would also like to thank Mr Baker and Mrs Al Elew who also supported us on this trip.

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