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February Charity Fundraiser

Posted: 27th February 2023

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What a wonderful way to end the week!
This Friday, we saw the first of many pupil-led charity fundraising events.

Flora, Lara and Theo (Year 6) all took the initiative to raise money for their charity of choice. The Mango Tree: The Mango Tree who have the ethos of ‘improving educational opportunities and sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged children and young people.’

After hours of preparation, this group of Year 6 children and their parents, provided a scrumptious array of cakes for the school community to buy. They really did cater for everyone, including dairy-free!

Seeing this group of Year 6 children use their initiative and plan for such a popular cake sale was delightful. Thank you so much for everyone supporting this event and buying some of the yummy goodies before you went home for the weekend – that money will go directly to ‘The Mango Tree.’

Not everyone loves sugary goods, however, so the Year 6 group thought of that too by selling second-hand books. It was lovely to see used books go to a new home so that they were not going to waste by continuing to sit on a bookshelf.

Due to the success of this first pupil-led fundraising event, we hope that this has set a trend for many of its kind. I look forward to working with other year groups on similar events throughout the year.

Thank you for your financial support with this fundraising event

The Year 6 pupil group would like to thank Mrs Dimmock, KCF, and other staff involved for their support in bringing this event together.

I want to say a huge thank you to Flora, Lara, Theo, and of course their parents, for organising and facilitating this event.

A huge well done to you all for a successful cake and book sale!

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