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Mental Health Week

Posted: 12th February 2023

This week the children celebrated Children’s Mental Health week. We explored this year’s theme of ‘Let’s Connect’ and in our classes spent some time really connecting with each other and taking time for ourselves. Year 2 talked about the differences between mental and physical health. Year 2 had lots of fun playing hula hoop connections, passing a hoop around the circle whilst all holding hands! The children thought of ways in which they were connected and said, ‘We all connect because we love school’ and ‘We all connect because we love friendship’. The

Year 4 children shared some hot chocolate and had a catch-up over some mindful colouring and children in Kindergarten Blue learned about how the different parts of the brain and how we can connect with others if we are feeling cross or frustrated to help calm down. All of the children also enjoyed an assembly around the theme of mental health and how we can really get along well with other people. The Health Ambassadors helped with the Junior House assembly and told the children about some inspirational young people who have helped to connect people across the world such as Greta Thunberg and Louis Braille.

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